jemdoc – vim, make

Vim syntax highlighting

Here is a vim syntax file jemdoc.vim. You should download it to ~/.vim/syntax/. You may also need to add the following lines in your ~/.vimrc:

Additional ~/.vimrc lines
filetype plugin on
augroup filetypedetect
	au! BufNewFile,BufRead *.jemdoc setf jemdoc
augroup END
" Last line is for proper wrapping of jemdoc lists, etc.
autocmd Filetype jemdoc setlocal comments=:#,fb:-,fb:.,fb:--,fb:..,fb:\:


Here's a small example of a Makefile. A listing of it follows.

This file would be used as follows:

  • Edit index.jemdoc and otherpage.jemdoc at will.

  • Type make in the same directory, and files html/index.html and html/otherpage.html will be updated as necessary.

  • Type make update and your files will be copied to the server.

  • Type make clean and old html files in html/ will be removed.

Rinse and repeat.

Makefile example
DOCS=index otherpage
HDOCS=$(addsuffix .html, $(DOCS))
PHDOCS=$(addprefix html/, $(HDOCS))
.PHONY : docs
docs : $(PHDOCS)
.PHONY : update
update : $(PHDOCS)
	@echo -n 'Copying to server...'
	# insert code for copying to server here.
	@echo ' done.'
html/%.html : %.jemdoc MENU
	jemdoc -o $@ $<
.PHONY : clean
clean :
	-rm -f html/*.html