jemdoc – version and bug information

Open bugs

  • Including # within a {{quoted block}} will fail. Use instead a raw block or place the # outside like in {{a }}\#{{2}} workaround. Tell me if this becomes annoying.

  • You may require an extra line break at the end of your file if it ends with a raw quoted section like {{</asdasd>}}.

  • You may also require an extra line break at the end of your file if it ends with an equation. (And perhaps only on Windows.)

Revision details

Changes from v0.7.2 to v0.7.3 (2012-11-27)

  1. Repaired the handling of whole-line equations written on a single line.

  2. Enhanced the handling of the current menu link so it works across subdirectories.

Changes from v0.7.1 to v0.7.2 (2012-04-03)

  1. Allowed HTML-escaped sequences in menu items.

Changes from v0.7.0 to v0.7.1 (2011-06-14)

  1. Changed file opening mode to avoid Windows bugs where blank lines failed to separate sections properly.

Changes from v0.6.8 to v0.7.0 (2011-03-17)

  1. Added {filter_through}{external_prog} option for code blocks to filter through an external program. This can be used to customize syntax highlighting.

  2. img.eqwls from full-line tex equations are now enclosed in a div.eqwl. This permits alternative CSS styling for full-size tex equations.

  3. Added an analytics modeline for use with Google Analytics.

  4. Improved C syntax highlighting.

  5. Improved Matlab syntax highlighting.

  6. Various bug fixes, especially for Windows. Thanks to Danilo Silva for helpful bug reports and fixes.

Changes from v0.6.7 to v0.6.8 (2010-03-22)

  1. Added binary file identifiers to attempt a Windows fix for IOErrors.

Changes from v0.6.6 to v0.6.7 (2009-11-17)

  1. Added more syntax highlighing elements, including for ruby and c++.

  2. Added syntax highlighting support for inline comments.

  3. Improved handling of the apostrophe.

  4. Added support for the middot (·), with \M.

  5. Added preliminary support for environment variables (with syntax !$ENVIRON_VAR$!).

Changes from v0.6.5 to v0.6.6 (2009-07-11)

  1. Fixed the labelling of table rows and columns.

  2. Added some more syntax highlighing elements (mostly for sh).

Changes from v0.6.4 to v0.6.5 (2008-11-19)

  1. Added some more syntax highlighting elements for Python (py).

  2. Fixed some small bugs.

Changes from v0.6.3 to v0.6.4 (2008-08-06)

  1. Added more syntax highlighting support.

  2. Other minor program changes.

  3. Slight tweaks to the style files.

Changes from v0.6.2 to v0.6.3 (2008-06-18)

  1. Fixed a bug where double braces in equations caused strange pieces of html to appear.

Changes from v0.6.1 to v0.6.2 (2008-06-08)

  1. Fixed a few bugs, including fixing invalid html for imgtables.

Changes from v0.6.0 to v0.6.1 (2008-05-28)

  1. Fixed minor regression with img_left blocks having borders by accident.

Changes from v0.5.4 to v0.6.0 (2008-05-26)

  1. Added support for tables.

  2. Added better syntax highlighting support.

  3. Added hair space around em dashes.

Changes from v0.5.3 to v0.5.4 (2008-04-14)

  1. Added equation caching: equations are only regenerated if needed.

Changes from v0.5.2 to v0.5.3 (2008-03-29)

  1. Percents work properly when inside links; square brackets work properly when inside percents.

  2. Quoted hashes work inside URLs.

  3. Updated jemdoc.css to prevent blue boxes around LaTeX equations.

Changes from v0.5.1 to v0.5.2 (2008-01-24)

  1. Fixed a bug with equation filenames colliding in edge cases.

  2. Silenced unnecessary dvipng warnings.

Changes from v0.5.0 to v0.5.1 (2008-01-23)

  1. Forward slashes instead of backslashes on Windows for equations.

Changes from v0.4.0 to v0.5.0 (2008-01-22)

  1. Added support for LaTeX equations.

  2. Added several new modeline options to support LaTeX equations.

  3. Tweaked CSS for various improvements.

  4. Fixed a bug with lists not nesting properly.

  5. Added a fwtitle modeline option for choosing a full-width title.

  6. Added a nofooter modeline option to more easily turn off the footer.

Changes from v0.3.6 to v0.4.0 (2007-12-02)

  1. Added new syntax items #include{FILE} and #includeraw{FILE}.

  2. Corrected various bugs in link handling.

  3. Added a title{Page title} modeline option.

  4. Added a notime modeline option.

  5. Tweaked CSS for various improvements.

Changes from v0.3.5 to 0.3.6 (2007-11-28)

  1. Changed the way menus are laid out, preventing unwanted wrapping.

  2. Improved the vim syntax highlighting file.

  3. Added the command \p to create a manual paragraph break in lists.

  4. Added jemdoc --version as a command line option.

Changes from v0.3.4 to v0.3.5 (2007-11-26)

  1. Added a showsource modeline option.

  2. Corrected a minor bug with whitespace appearing in the titles.

Changes from v0.3.3 to v0.3.4 (2007-11-17)

  1. Corrected a (Windows) platform specific time-stamp issue.

Changes from v0.3.0 to v0.3.3 (2007-11-16)

  1. Added support for image blocks.

  2. Added support for raw blocks.

  3. Fixed handling of ampersands (&).

  4. Changed footer message to ‘Page generated …’ instead of ‘Last updated …’.

  5. Fixed handling of comments within lists.

  6. Several other minor bug fixes.

Changes from v0.2.0 to v0.3.0 (2007-11-09)

  1. Added per-file css specification. Use
    # jemdoc addcss{file1}{file2}..., <other options>
    as the first line. To prevent loading the [defaultcss] configuration section, use
    # jemdoc nodefaultcss, <other options>.

  2. Added jemdoc filename as an implicit alternative for jemdoc filename.jemdoc.

  3. Added the ability to process mutliple files, as in jemdoc *.jemdoc.

  4. Added the syntax
    [img{width}{height}{alt text} img.jpg]
    for inserting pictures. The width, height, and alt text parameters are all optional.

  5. Deprecated the $quoted tt$ syntax, replacing it with %quoted tt%.

Changes from v0.1.0 to v0.2.0 (2007-10-19)

  1. Embedded default configuration file within jemdoc, to eliminate the need for a default configuration file.

  2. Rearranged the arguments to jemdoc [OPTIONS] [INFILE].

  3. Added better formatting to document titles.

  4. Added support for definintion lists via : {item} definition.

  5. Added $quoted tt$ as an alias for +{{quoted tt}}+.