jemdoc – add a menu

jemdoc provides an easy way to add a ‘menu’ like the one you see at the left of this page. You should create a file called MENU, for example, in the current directory. This website's MENU looks something like this:

    home                [index.html]
    download            [download.html]
    revision history    [revision.html]
    contact             [contact.html]
user's guide
    cheat sheet         [cheatsheet.html]
    using               [using.html]
    add a menu          [menu.html]
    other stuff         [stuff.html]

To use the menu, start the first line of each source file with a special comment like this one:

# jemdoc: menu{MENU}{index.html}

(Replace index.html with the name of the relevant html page.) This will add a menu from the file called MENU, and underline and darken the menu entry corresponding to index.html.

Relative paths

Optionally, include a prefix which instructs jemdoc where the root of the menu is located relative to a particular page.

# jemdoc: menu{MENU}{pageinsubdir.html}{prefix}

A note on menu widths

jemdoc will create menu entries that do not wrap. If you have a particularly long title, or menu item, insert manual linebreaks using \n in your MENU file. Multi-line menu items will (by default) have their second and subsequent lines slightly indented.