jemdoc – extra syntax elements

These are some extended syntax options that may come in useful.

Left aligned image blocks

As seen here, for example, left-aligned image blocks place an image and allow ordinary jemdoc marked-up text to flow around the right-hand side.

Left-aligned image block syntax
{}{img_left}{FILENAME.IMG}{alt text}{WIDTHpx}{HEIGHTpx}{IMGLINKTARGET}
Ordinary jemdoc markup goes here.

All arguments may be left blank, though you should specify an image filename, and alt text should be descriptive for reasons like those given by Wikipedia.

Raw blocks

When placing large amounts of raw html, you should use a raw block instead of {{inline html escaping}}. As well as cleaner syntax, raw blocks will avoid having <p> tags in the wrong places.

Raw block syntax
Any text here will be copied straight to the output file without processing.

Other character sets

Here's a quick example of how to include text in a language with a different character set.

To include Korean (한국말), use something like this:

{{<span lang="ko" xml:lang="ko">}}한국말{{</span>}}

(Let me know if you need better support for your language.)

Including other files

The line


will include the contents of otherfile.jemdoc as if the contents were actually in the ordinary input file (that is, with full jemdoc substitutions). The line


will copy the contents of otherfile.html verbatim to the current position in the output file (that is, without any jemdoc substitutions).

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