jemdoc – download

Here is (v0.7.3). You can also download this example css file to get you started. You can easily modify the css to adjust colours, fonts and general layout elements to your taste.

You may like to sudo cp /usr/bin/jemdoc so that you can just type jemdoc; alternatively, you could add a line to your ~/.bashrc or similar like alias jemdoc='/somepath/'. Remember to chmod +x your file to make it executable.

jemdoc requires Python 2.3 or later. If you have a working installation of Python, you should be ready to go. This includes all Macs, and almost any fairly modern unix or linux.

Old versions can still be found. Mahesh Shastry provides a package with jemdoc compiled for Windows.

Where to next?

Read about how to use jemdoc, check out an example page, then refer to the cheat sheet once you're underway. You could also download sample jemdoc code, like the index page for this website.